January 28th, 2008

Fredcritter with camera

Photo now, yammer later

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I was going to yammer about Kandinsky and artistic breakthroughs and all that sort of stuff, but I have yet to get around to it so I figured I’d take a “post now, yammer later” approach. I still intend to do the yammering, but, you know, in the fullness of time.

I am very pleased with this image. And you’ll probably not be surprised to read that if you click on it, you’ll be taken to a nice 647x800 version. I hope to have more images from our session up in the near future.

Note: As usual, the photo is copyright, but you may download and/or print for your personal, non-commercial use as long as you include the credit/copyright notice. Photographed by a professional on a closed course. Consult your physician. Offer prohibited where void.