January 7th, 2008


The employer givith...

…and the employer makith life unpredictable…


Confusin' ConFusion Arrangements

Now it turns out they may need me to teach some people how to use some of our new tools next week. For part of the week. Or maybe most of the week. Or maybe not. But if so, they'll let me carry over my vacation hours into next (fiscal) year instead of making me use them all up by the end of this month. The other fly in the ointment is they also want me to flip back to third shift before the end of the month—in time to help out with our big peak season.

So at this point my plans for ConFusion are up in the air, or on hold, or otherwise not stable, or some permutation thereof. Part of my original notion was to take a couple of extra days, have a leisurely drive down to Chicago, maybe spend a day or two there, mosey on over to Detroit for the convention, and then maybe zoom home. Now … I don't know. My guess is that even if they need me to stick around I could still take Friday off, which would mean maybe leaving after work Thursday, zooming straight through to Detroit, then zoomin' home in time for work which, I suppose, could be Monday night instead of Monday day. Gaaah! Planning was never my strong suit to begin with, and now they have to go and recomplicate the plot.

Stay tooned…

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