March 25th, 2007

Rune 44

Great a-party! A-O.K. pardner!

So there was this lovely party at mizzlaurajean & davidschroth's last night. The exciting news is that I actually managed to drag myself out of the house to be there. I would rather have arrived at 7pm, when it was scheduled to start, but it seems my work schedule has now "wired" me to get up and out and arrive places around 10pm, which is when we got there. (I say "we" since Gavi came along. Susan wanted very much to go also but was feeling a bit out-of-sorts and just couldn't summon the energy.)

It was really great hearing me play music again—it's been far too long. I keep trying to get myself to practice, on account of if I did not only would I get to hear myself play more often but I also wouldn't embarrass myself as much or as frequently when I do get out and play in public. Maybe one of these days. In the meantime, however, as I said, it was great fun. And it was great fun hearing everyone else after so long. And there was this new guy who was pretty good too. Ann was in amazin'-fine form—she about blew me away with her fiddlin' on "All Along the Watchtower," and was just as tasty as heck on a bunch of other numbers. I should mention who all was there but I won't right now. Sorry.

We left rather earlier than I'd thought we would because my voice was sorta crapping out and Gavi was getting a bit tired, but, still, it was loverly. And great to see people again and to hear some of my favorite musicians again. And stuff. Maybe I'll figure out some way to write more about it all later.

On the other hand, since it's the Crazy Season at work and starting tonight I'm scheduled for 12 days straight (with the possibility of some 10- & 12-hour days in that stretch as well)—not to mention the overtime and extra days I've already put in this month and last—I may not get back to it. I guess we'll see.