February 24th, 2007



So, night before last at work my lower back was a bit sore and my right hip and leg hurt, especially when I was sitting. "I must have slept in a funny position or something," I thought. Hmmm, wait. Now that I think about it, they must have hurt when I first got up, because I remember looking for and not finding the ibuprofen—which I know is better for muscle pain & inflammation than aspirin—and taking 3 or 4 aspirin instead. Throughout the night the pain was increasing worse, despite noshing on aspirin every now and then. It's becoming "peak" at work and things were a little nuts—I ended up putting in about 12 hours. I figured part of the problem was like from stress or something. Driving home was … interesting, as the pain was, after all, in my right hip and leg.

But I made it home okay. When I described my symptoms Susan The Wonder Spouse said, "Oh, it must be your sciatic nerve! That happened to me when I was younger and it's really painful. Let me take you to Urgent Care."

"Naw," I said. "I just slept on it funny or something. I'll take a hot bath and go to bed and I'm sure everything will be fine."

So I took a long, hot bath. It helped. My back, hip, and leg felt a bit better. Finding a comfortable position in which to sleep was only slightly difficult and annoying.

When I awoke, things were … um … worse. Quite a bit worse. I believe I ate standing up and didn't even ask Susan to get off the computer so I could sit down and use it. I probably ate a bit and then went back upstairs to lie down (lay down? I get so confused) and read. My strategy was apparently relatively successful, as driving to work wasn't too bad.

I hadn't been sitting at my computer at work for very long before I discovered I couldn't. Sit down, that is. As I remarked to a couple of people, "It's kinda painful all the time; except for when I sit down. When I sit down, it's excruciating."

Fortunately, the desks at work have keyboard platforms that are designed to accommodate a wide variety of needs—I swung the keyboard up and pulled the monitor up and was able to work standing up. Sometimes I'd kneel on the chair; other times I'd move things down and try sitting (that wouldn't last for very long). A couple of times I tried kneeling on the floor, which wasn't awful but it kinda hurt my knees. I finally wimped out after about six and a half hours and told my boss I had to leave. She apparently has back trouble herself and quite understood.

Came home and slept for a while. When Susan returned from taking Gavi to school, I allowed her to take me to Urgent Care without her even having to suggest it. Doc said it is indeed my sciatic nerve and that in a month or so when I feel better I should maybe start doing some "legs-bent" sit-ups to tone up my stomach muscles so I'm not distributing my weight so poorly as to give my back problems. For now he gave me prescriptions for codeine and a muscle relaxant and told me to also get some OTC naproxen and said if I didn't feel signs of improvement in a week to come back. The meds is why I'm able to be at our computer and write this, but it's stupid. Even with the meds I'm hurting quite a bit and probably prolonging the healing.

So I'm going to go back upstairs now to lay down and read and sleep and stuff. It may be a while before I'm able sit and LJ again. Y'all take care of yourselves until I get back, ya hear?