January 2nd, 2007

Fredcritter with camera

Photos of the Duckwall-Brust Affair now on line

You know, pix taken at Dee and mplscorwin's big do last weekend. Now available for your perusal. With all the usual caveats of course. Here's what I wrote in the album description: I didn't arrive in time for the actual wedding ceremony, but here are a few pictures of the reception/party that followed in the same space. Since I was there as a guest and not in any official capacity, but having decided it would be fun to get out my camera and take some pictures, I felt free to focus on whoever and whatever I pleased rather than feeling an obligation to document the event itself.* Oddly enough, the people it pleased me to focus on tended to fall into two overlapping categories: friends and attractive women. Heh. Big surprise there, eh?  [Technical details: The film was scanned at Proex, and I did some light Photoshop editing, cropping, and sizing. If you'd like a print it'd probably be best to get in touch with me and go back to the negative or make a higher-resolution scan.]  Some of the photos please me, some please me greatly. Some of the sequences turned out to be fun. I hope you enjoy looking at them.

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* Which reminds me that one of the topics I'd like to start LJing soon is my thoughts on photography. You know, the various and not necessarily connected or even congruent bits of thought I have about it; what photography is and can be and can be thought to be even if it isn't really. My philosophy of photography, if you will. Bullshit written about picture-taking, if you prefer. So I set this note here as a nudge to myself.