November 20th, 2006

Rune 44

Music music music

I think I got an email the other day from chasophonic saying that Riverfolk are going to be playing this coming weekend at … now see, that's one of my problems—most of the important information has fallen out of my wee little brain. I think it was a coffee shop…? In … was it Falcon Heights? For that matter, was it Friday or Saturday night? And time—surely they're starting at some specific time, but darned if I can remember what it was. Er, is. Um, will be, that is. Can anybody help me fill in some of these details?

I'll probably be rested after my Thanksgiving holidays off and won't have to be back at work until Sunday night so I might even be able to pry myself out of the house to see my old friends and playingmates. Perhaps Gavi and Susan might want to come along too, in which case I'd certainly bring them.

So. What say you? Somebody want to fill me in? Is to be thanking you in advance!

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