August 21st, 2006

Fredcritter with camera


Last night I went to post a comment in artinnudity and discovered that I wasn't really a member there—only a "lookie-lou." So I rectified that, using a link to my ImageEvent photo albums as a credential. In the process, and while poking around on LJ some more today, I realized once again how embarrassed I am that I have managed to scan and post so very little of my best work (and that the handful of images I'm really proud of in the ImageEvent albums aren't also specially called out in a separate "I like these best" album).

But the photo session I did a couple of weeks ago with Kashia has got me scanning again. (There's this whole long story about how the Nikon software hasn't been updated for System X and how the LS-2000 is on the SCSI bus so the software doesn't "see" it when running in Classic mode and how the strip-film feeder is much too fussy about accepting strips [particularly those of six] anyway and how VueScan shareware lets me at least scan without rebooting in System 9 but there are things about it I didn't like and/or had to figure out before I could use it and there's the whole not getting things done because I'm depressed thing and I'm sure you don't want to hear it all in four-part harmony and with full orchestration….)

Where was I Jon? Oh yes, so thanks to the session with Kashia and my guilt about how few of the photos I've actually worked up from all the times we've worked together over the years even though so many of them are really good, I'm in the process of scanning all the photos from this most recent session, and have been doing so off-and-on for the past week or so, after figuring out that I can work with the VueScan/LS-2000 combination to my satisfaction. (In fact, I'm scanning right now, even as I write. Or rather, I was. Now I'm trying to get the scanner to accept the next strip of six…. Once it does, we'll be back to scanning.) And it occurs to me that now that I've started being in the habit, I can just carry on by scanning, say, the slides in Da Fred Levy Haskell Song And Slide show next. And thereby have stuff I'm really proud of to upload and share.

So I've resolved to do just that. We'll see how it works out. You, my friends, may feel free to nudge me if you don't hear anything about this project/resolution as the days and weeks pass.