November 24th, 2005


Confusion confusion ...

… decision-making factor absent from brain …

Do I take the bus … erm … train again this year?
It was kind of fun last year … but the group, if there is a group this year, looks to be smaller … and the train officials gave me such grief about my guitar case … but I sure don't like to travel without it … and the train took quite a few hours—most of which were less conducive to sleeping than I'd thought they'd be … but it's probably easier to sleep on a train to Chicago than on a bus to Milwaukee … but that's the scenic part of the route—it'd be fun to watch it go by … hey, it's the daylight part of the route—it's possible to watch it go by … but I didn't spend a lot of time looking out the train windows last time … but we were on the [deleted] bus for that part of the trip last year … would I look out of the train windows this year?

I suppose I could fly.
Looks like flying would cost about $290 as opposed to around $170 … but the timing would be such that I'd probably get by with one less room night at the hotel, saving a bit there. … but flying certainly has its own peculiar hassles—the whole amazingly irritating Security Theater thing for one … and there's the issue of getting to and from the hotel and the airport … it wasn't like I didn't have good reasons for thinking the train might be more pleasant last year.

There's always driving.
I like driving … I like getting in the car—just me and my music—and heading out … driving can be remarkably pleasant … except through an inevitable blizzard in lower Michigan in January—that tends to be rather unpleasant … and driving can be tiring … and it takes about as long as the train or even longer … and in the car I can't get up and walk around or sleep … but I'd be in control of my own timing … but not entirely, since I'd want to get to Detroit in time for Confusion and home in time for work … but nobody'd hassle me about my guitar case.

I could just blow it off this year.
Just stay home and kick back and sleep and take it easy … but that doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun … and I can do that most any time.

Oh, pooh. I don't know … I hate making decisions …