September 18th, 2005


Me & My iPod

I thought I would have little use for—or even hate—my iPod’s “Shuffle Songs” feature. It turns out I was wrong. When I listen to music at work these days I rarely select particular albums or artists to listen to; I use the shuffle feature most of the time and I’m finding that I rather like the variety and the occasional breathtakingly serendipitous juxtapositions.

Oh, sure, there are some things about it I don’t like, some of which I can eventually rectify and some I can’t. For example, I’d really like the ability add a “play next track” marker to the tracks in a series (for example: side two of Abbey Road, any number of Greatful Dead segues, and Symphonies, concerti, and other multi-movement musical compositions) such that if shuffle selects a track in the sequence, the iPod would continue until the end of the sequence, not just until the end of that track. That is, I don’t really mind having things start in the middle, but I hate having them end in the middle. Yes, I’m eventually going to re-upload those song sequences to iTunes with “Join CD tracks” selected and that will help, but it’s not the precise solution I’d prefer.

My other complaint with the iPod is that it doesn’t hold nearly enough music, so I’m having to make hard decisions about what music to exclude. *sigh*

Anyway, partly to start answering sleigh’s question about my musical tastes, and partly for the fun of it, I present to you the list my “Recently Played” Smart Playlist captured of what Shuffle Songs chose to play for me one recent night at work. The list is presented in the order the tunes played and, other than formatting it for HTML, I have not biased, fudged, or fiddled with the list in any way. What you see is what I heard:

“April In Paris” – Thelonious Monk – The Complete Riverside Recordings (Disc 03)
“My Mother’s Eyes” – Tab Smith – Ace High
“El Condor Pasa (If I Could)” – Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water
“Go-Go Chinbora” – Akanars – The Rough Guide to the Music of Okinawa
“Fallen Eagle” – Stephen Stills – Manassas
“Line in the Sand” – Lucy Kaplansky – The Red Thread
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skzbrust is in town. As is netmouse. We'd wanted to get together and Steve & I especially wanted to make music together—it's been too long. This afternoon/evening, while I was asleep and they were out at the Ren Fest, minnehaha spent a bunch of time making arrangements so it could happen. They just called. … I've been walking around all week with an Ace thingie on my left wrist 'cause it's bunged up, and when they called I realized that it might be hard to fret the guitar with my wrist in that condition. I checked. It hurts to fret the guitar, sufficiently enough that if I were to try to make music it would just get worse and worse and harder and harder as the evening went on. Cr*p cr*p cr*p! No music party. Cr*p cr*p cr*p!

Thanks for trying guys. I'm upset. I let you down. I let me down. Cr*p cr*p cr*p!

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