May 13th, 2005


Uh, hi....

Wow. I guess when I get out of the habit of doing LJ, it's pretty easy to continue to let it slip…

It is true that the spring "peak" (heavy season at work) was strange and lumpy and kind of all stretched out this year, but it did sort of finish. Except that right now is another, smaller, peak. And in between I got almost nibbled to death by ducks or something like it—it was just one strange little thing after another I had to deal with.

But I guess the way to get started is to get started. Here I am. I'll try to be back now. I'll even start reading your stuff again—actually, I'll probably do that more than I post. I won't promise to "get caught up," however, as that would just be setting myself up for failure.

Hello. Hope you've all been well in my absence. And like that.


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