January 16th, 2005



There was a party (with music yet!) last night. I really wanted to go. I couldn't seem to wake up.

The party started at 7:30pm. I had set my alarm for 5. I snoozed it and reset it and snoozed it and snoozed it and reset it and slept. Gavi, bless her heart, tried to wake me too. I kindof woke up around 8, ate some cold cereal, went back up to bed and read, fell asleep. Felt almost awake enough to have got up and gone to the party around midnight, decided that was a bit too late, fell back asleep. Awoke around 3:30am, went down and watched WB cartoon DVD on couch for an hour or so. Gave up and went back to bed. Alarm at 8am, had to take Gavi to Hebrew school, got there to discover none on account of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, brought her home, went back to bed. Gavi woke me at 8pm so I could bush her hair. I did so, went back up to read, read Gavi to sleep and read some more, am now downstairs and I think I might finally be awake for a while.

I don't think I can even blame my 10pm to 6am M-F work schedule for this; I think this was just one of my periodic things when not even the Celexa and Ritalin can get me going. I hope I'll be able to be awake when I want to at Confusion next weekend…

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