December 22nd, 2004

Geri's Fred

Before the beginning....

Okay. Counting back from late August of 1949, we get … hmmmm … 1948 late November? Sometime in December? Sounds like they might have been at a holiday party and got … friendly. They ended up in a Situation. It wasn't a Tenable Situation. Maybe they weren't married. I guess that's the most likely reason, but there are certainly other possibilities. It might not have been a holiday party. It might have been something else entirely. Who's to know? In any case they made some Arrangements with some lawyers and a couple of families. One family wanted a son; the other, a daughter.

When I eventually showed up they discovered I was a boy, so I ended up going home with Mr. & Mrs. Joseph N. Haskell; otherwise known as "Joe & Ellamae," known by some as "Uncle Joe and Auntie El," known by me as "mom and dad."

(Want weird? Try this one on for size. Had I been born a girl, I wouldn't have been just a different sex, I would have been raised in an entirely different family in an entirely different place with an entirely different environment; in other words, I would have been an entirely different person (save whatever fraction of our being is "nature"). Sometime last year my mom (that is, Ellamae; I have no clue who or where my biological mother is, although I've now been informed what my family name was at birth) said something that caused me suddenly to think rather deeply about that. It was just too weird for me and made my head spin so I've tried not to poke at it too much of late. I suppose I'll revisit it from time to time in the future.)

In any case, there I was and here I am.

To be continued…

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