November 17th, 2004


An iPod Question

Maybe I'm just too much of a 60's kind of a guy or something, but I tend most often to think of record albums … er, excuse me … CDs as single artistic units, even when they are merely composed of a number of individual and relatively unconnected songs. Of course, this perspective is completely appropriate when a CD comprises a single artistic unit but is "banded" for convenience between some segments; for example, I believe at least one of my CDs of Beethoven's 9th Symphony has an index at the start of the "Ode to Joy" segment as well as between the four movements. Another example can be found on various CDs of live performances of the Grateful Dead, where individual song-units are indexed even when they are just phases of a wandering jam and where sequencing and timing is relevant even for the songs which do stand alone.

So my question is: How does an iPod deal with albums—in particular, how does it deal with the banding/indexing within albums? Does it properly preserve the "breathing space" between discrete tracks while not destroying the flow in multi-indexed compositions? Seems to me like it might do one or the other, but that both might be trickier. But I just don't know. Any answers out there? Thanks!

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