October 23rd, 2004



About an hour ago I was on my way home from work. As I approached the relatively major intersection a block away from our home, there seemed to be some sort of traffic problem that I couldn't quite recognize or figure out at first. Of course it was still dark, so that made things more difficult to see and sort out. There were a couple of cars in front of me that seemed to be … hmmm … relating to the intersection in a strange way. And there was a car in the intersection facing at a right angle to us … ahh. That's it. That car's not moving, it's just sitting there … no, it just lurched … oh, there's steam coming from the front … Okay, he must have been in an accident and is trying to limp out of the intersection and over to the side. I guess I'd better pull over and see what's up. Where's the other car? This one didn't end up in the middle of the intersection in that condition by running into a light pole. Oh, there it is, over in that vacant lot over there against the building. The side's obviously dented so that must be it, but it doesn't look too bad.

Okay, pull over to the curb, grab the cell phone and call 911. That's the first priority. Report the accident. "Two car accident in intersection. Doesn't look like any injuries … no, I was just driving by, got here as a car was limping out of the intersection …"

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