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vorona recently pointed to this essay on "antisemitism and stuff" which I had, oddly enough, recently read in print:

My comment in response was, in part: "There is much truth in that article, yes. However, he did rather lose me at the end when he anointed America the new Yisrael."

So anyway, as you've probably noticed, I've lately been reading Karen Armstrong, A History of God. (It's actually my second attempt — I got bogged down and like lost interest or focus or something part way through the first time. Turns out this time I'm better-equipped with what might be thought of as background reading, so it's going better and more interestingly.) Tonight I'm reading along as she gets to her explanation/assessment of Isaiah and notice this sentence: "But no Israelite would have wanted to hear that his own people had brought political destruction upon its own head by its shortsighted policies and exploitative behavior." (page 43) That makes sense, and does indeed seem to match what little I now know about Isaiah and what was going on around him. Then it kind of tickles something in the back of my brain and I stop and think. "Think, he thinks." Ohmygoodness. Maybe Sharansky isn't so far off when he anoints America the new Yisrael. Maybe that's exactly what we are. Or perhaps a bit more accurately, the new Kingdom of Judah.


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