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The Wisdom of the Ancients

It says here*: "Like the Babylonians, the Aryans [who wrote the Rig-Veda in the Indus valley in approximately the 17th century BCE] were quite aware that their myths were not factual accounts of reality but expressed a mystery that not even the gods themselves could explain adequately."

I cannot help but wonder if the ancients were really all that far advanced than the people of today, many of whom, for example, believe that God created the heavens and the earth in exactly 6 24-hour days as we reckon time; that rocket ships cannot really travel through space because there's nothing out there to push against; that the most recent US Presidential election was fair and honest; or some other equally wild and improbably myth.

As with an number of my other recent postings, I must ponder this, as it seems a curious thing.

*Karen Armstrong, A History of God, page 28


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