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Soliciting Sabbatical Suggestions

I need to take a solid week (Sunday through Saturday) unpaid furlough from work (although I'm trying to think of it as a sabbatical) before the end of January 2010. As do all salaried employees at my company (the hourly employees get to take their 5-day leave a day at a time but the laws are different for us "exempt" employees. The bit that, on the face of it, is really weird is that the week cannot encompass a holiday. Which means I can't take the week between Christmas and New Year's to go somewhere with the family, and Gavi doesn't have any other big hunks of time off from school in that time period).

ANYway, it looks at the moment as if the best weeks for me would be one of the first three weeks in December or any week in January except the last. And I'm stumped.

When we first found out about this I thought it'd be easy. "Okay," I thought. "I'll just hop in my car and go visit somebody."

Then reality (and self-doubt) set in. Who among my friends and loved ones would be able to fit a visit from me into the middle of one of their work weeks? For that matter, who among my friends and loved ones would want to fit in a visit from me. What's the trade-off between how far I can drive and how much visiting time is left in a one-week timespan? Is there anywhere I can go? Anything fun I can do? I sure would hate to spend that time moping around the house.

So I'm totally stumped.

Therefore, I'm now throwing this up for your input. Do any of you have any provocative suggestions? Interesting suggestions? Or, whattheheck, plausable suggestions?

Thanks! I await breathlessly and with high hopes.

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