Fred A Levy Haskell (fredcritter) wrote,
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I thought this was interesting . . .

So I was reading the other day and came across this, which I thought interesting enough to pass along to you.

Some additional insight into the religious significance of the Jerusalem Temple … can be gleaned from ancient Jewish literature. The altar was believed to rest on a boulder, the so-called Foundation Store (Even Shiyya*), which served as a kind of cosmic plug preventing a resurgence of the Deluge, or which marked the point from which the solidification of the Earth had proceeded outward when the world was first created. The very cosmos therefore depended on this place for its origins and continued existence.
—The Cambridge History of Judaism, Volume IV: The Late Roman-Rabbinic Period, Steven T. Katz (ed), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 2006, page 193.

*Or as below:
Even Ha-Shetiyah
Even ha-Shetiyah

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