Fred A Levy Haskell (fredcritter) wrote,
Fred A Levy Haskell

tipping topsy turvy turning upside down

Very strange state of late. Mash-up of multitudinous divers feelings thoughts emotions echoes. Content, restless, reflective, introspective… Creativity and expression and daring bubbling, fermenting, hopping, bopping, seeking, seeing, hearing, being. Aspiring fulfillment. Without pointing the way. A way. Away. Anyway. Where to grab on? How to ride where it will? Crank or kick or jump start? Knowing not how or whether or when to leave the house with what accouterments used how.

Preoccupied, fancying a muse; finding or engaging or discovering or remembering female friend co-conspirator, willing—nay, interested—to collaborate create images photographic: images strange and familiar, new and old, cutting-edge and comfortable. Why woman? Not trees? Snow? River? Winding winter paths? Vapor? Woodwork? Stairs? Homelife? Just chimera to put off, not do, cling to, not attain; to avoid action? Cop out! Cop out! Drop out! Yer out!

Music. Music maybe. Guitar? Relearn guitar? guitar guitar guitar

Swirling. Wind-tossed. Drifting. Current taken. Hm.


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