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On the assumption that you're not totally bored with them yet...

…here’s, you know, another photo. But first, the backstory:

Okay, so back on 13 June 2007 I posted More Thoughts on Photography in which, startlingly enough, I shared some of the thinking that goes into, or is behind, some of my photography. In the process, I mentioned a series of photos I’d taken in Stillwater, Minnesota.

A couple of people responded that they’d be interested in seeing that series of photos, so on 17 June 2007 I posted You know my methods, Watson… in which I showed thumnails of the first four images and had a link to the ImageEvent album with all of the photos from that series along with a caution which I will repeat here: “As you look, please remember it is a complete set of raw images (not color-corrected, cropped, or otherwise brought up to presentation standards) in the order in which they were taken … under normal circumstances I would not post or otherwise offer the majority of them for viewing, as there are only a handful I think are worthy of display.”

So. Well. Anyway. The point is that here, at long last, is one of the photos from that session, all done-up and prettified—color-corrected and otherwise brought up to presentation standards (but not cropped). I hope you like it.

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Click the on photo for larger view. Or see all my albums at

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