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02 December 2008 @ 06:06 am
It's all how you look at it  

At work yesterday, one of my fellow employees noticed the Grateful Dead T-shirt I was wearing (not the first one nor for the first time but, you know, I’ve only been working first shift for a little over a year now) and said, “Oh, that’s a Grateful Dead shirt. Do you like the Grateful Dead?” I said I did, yes. She went on, “Oh, my kids like that Grateful Dead stuff. They like all that rock stuff, you know, rock music. Me, I’m too old for that. I like the 60’s stuff—you know, 1960’s—that’s when I … you know, that’s what I listen to … Why, I’m going to turn 60 next year—can you imagine that?” I smiled my acknowledgement and she wandered off. Since I don’t always remember to think about what I’m saying to assess the social context first, I was very proud of myself for not responding with, “Isn’t that interesting? I too will be turning 60 next year.”

gomeza on December 2nd, 2008 04:59 pm (UTC)
Hahaha! And you know, there's no relationship between her "60's music" and any of that "rock stuff" from the 60's that you might like.

Many people I know tell me that their taste in music gets narrower as they get older. Maybe my tastes will go that way too, some day, but up to now, my tastes seem to have grown _broader_ as I get older. I listen to far more genres now than I did ten years ago, and I could have said the same thing then, and ten years before that...

PS: 59? No shit? You're pretty well preserved for 59. But then, from the viewpoint of 46, ages in the 50's and 60's don't seem all that old to me any more. I can't quite figure out why I have no peers/friends in my own age group (let's say arbitrarily, 40 to 50). Nearly all my friends are over 50 or well under 35. Not that it matters.

I remember getting all wrapped around the axle about turning 40. Six years later I realize I don't feel particularly different and it doesn't matter much. Oh sure, we may have a few more inexplicable (or even explicable) aches and pains than we did when we were half our current ages, but aside from that... life goes on. At least, until it doesn't any more, and the best we can hope for after that is to live on in the hearts and memories of the people whose lives we have affected.