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Democracy in Action!

Most polling places here in Minnesota open at 7am. When I arrived at mine at 6:30, there were already about a dozen people waiting in lobby of the park building. By the time they started letting us into the room to vote at seven o'clock, the lines went out the door and around the parking lot.

Because I've voted before and haven't moved since the last election, they already had my name in the Big Book of Lists and I merely had to sign in before getting on with it. On the other hand, I took my time and filled out the back of the ballot as well in the hope that I might help keep Mme. Write-In-A-Name-Here from unseating any of the incumbent judges. Between this and that the counter on the machine into which I fed my eminently recountable "fill in the bubble" paper ballot registered the number "7".

I walked out into the parking lot grinning like a fool—thrilled to see so many people energized and excited about an election again. It's been all too many years since that's been the case.

Remember the yellow journalism! Fifty-two forty or negotiate! Keep cool with cucumber! A choice, not a Gremlin! Tippecanoe and the little tailor too! War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength! Quis custodiet ipsos custodes! Spa-fon!


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