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31 July 2008 @ 09:02 pm
Old Photo  

I took this one in the late 60ʼs or early 70ʼs.

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Click on the photo for larger view. Or see all my albums at http://imageevent.com/fredcritter.

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pixl_8 on August 1st, 2008 02:06 am (UTC)
Very cool shot. Nice car :)
Fred A Levy Haskell: Fredcritter eyes onlyfredcritter on August 2nd, 2008 11:15 pm (UTC)
Thank you. This is one I have trouble knowing whether it's any good, because I can't seem to shake the "snapshot" element (i.e., looking at it evokes such pleasant memories of the events surrounding the taking of it that I can't separate them out).

Nice handle. Do we know each other or did you just happen stumble across me?
pixl_8 on August 3rd, 2008 12:13 am (UTC)
Hey there,

No actually we don't know one another. I just took out this account here at LJ (my second active account here actually) and came across your picture post on random some how and left my first message. I'm a big time picture fanatic and love cars. I just got into digital photography as a hobby a few years ago, and am now hooked. Not ever going to be a pro at it, and I'm quite ok with that. Just love taking shots of random stuff.
Fred A Levy Haskell: Fredcritter eyes onlyfredcritter on August 3rd, 2008 12:38 am (UTC)
Ah. Okay. That's fine. Perhaps we'll get to know each other in an LJ sort of way.

As you no doubt noticed from the byline, my real-world name is Fred A Levy Haskell. My degree from the University of Minnesota is in Journalism (Photographic Communication Specialization) and while I've earned money with photography from time to time over the years I don't have the drive to be a pro at it my own self. Besides, who's to say that things done for the love of it aren't as good as those done for money? In some ways it can be quite the opposite IMHO. You're no doubt clever enough to know that clicking on my "photo by da fredcritter" tag will bring up all the photos I've posted in LJ—feel free.

In a moment I'll "friend" you so I won't forget to check out your work—having your posts pop up when I read through my "friends" pages should do it.

Thanks for dropping by; thanks even more for commenting!