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Woke up. Fell out of bed.

The alarm is set for about now. I turned it off when I awoke on my own about an hour ago. Have been, you know, dinkinʼ around on the ʼputer.

Entering into one of those phases where I think I might have overextended a bit. You know. Socially, like. Having to do with … you know … people. That kind of thing. Stuck my neck out, um, too far perhaps. Like that. Been too, I dunno, “outgoing.” Maybe even kind of brassy. Brash. Unwarranted. Unwelcome. In other words: stupid, stupid, stupid. Am also, on another front, feeling a bit, you know, overwhelmed—over my head.

Maybe it's time to crawl back into the recesses, curl up and grab my knees, and quiver for a while.

As The Man so eloquently put it: “Stick,... I think... I think the little holes in the dark are not empty... they are... full... of... sticks... they are............... I am stupid........”

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