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More Curiouser and Curiouser

I was very interested in the discussion many of you had about the manipulated photo in my post Curiouser and Curiouser even though I was unable at the time to join in the discussion. (As my regular readers know, my ability to wrangle written words … it comes and it goes.)

Iʼve now gone back and added my 2¢ to that discussion. In addition, Iʼm posting this image here for the benefit of those who opined that it would have been better if I hadnʼt cleared the effect layer from over the modelʼs face. Now that youʼve seen what it looked like before I removed it, itʼs not impossible that youʼll continue to hold that opinion, but I really didnʼt like it. So I removed it. I suppose instead of completely eliminating it I might have tried to reduce the effect over the face or come up with an alternative or something, but just removing it seemed like the best option to me at the time. Anyway, feel free to check out what Iʼve added to the discussion (or not—Iʼm not fussy). I expect Iʼll have more posts and more photos to offer in the near future.

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