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I recently rediscovered my “portfolio” (which is actually no more a portfolio than my card is a “business card”—itʼs actually an old Samsonite briefcase with three 100-sheet photo-paper boxes full of 8x10 prints I used to haul around with me and show to friends, acquaintances, potential models, and anybody else I could get to sit still long enough to look at it) in a corner behind some boxes. I decided it was about time I started scanning some of the prints Iʼd been toting with me all these years, so I did. This is one of the first of those scans.

It demonstrates the power and utility of using a film camera. You see, back then I stored my film in individual plasticine sleeves, each designed to hold one 6-frame strip of 35mm film. However, I had developed the habit of storing a whole roll of film in each rather than taking the more prudent option of the one-for-one approach. This was partly because the sleeves werenʼt cheap, and perhaps more because if I wanted a sufficient number of sleeves to individually hold all my negatives Iʼd have to get around to going to Century Camera to buy more and getting-around-to-it has never been one of my strong suits.

In any case, the only reason this image even exists is that one fine day I was sitting at the enlarger making some prints. I selected the sleeve these shots were in and slid the film out and—honest-to-G*d-I wouldnʼt-lie-about-this—the two strips of film containing the two shots from which this print was made came out of the sleeve together. I looked down and saw this image. I took the two strips of film, put them in the enlarger together, and made this print.

Lah dee dah, lah dee dah.

So here it is. Hope you like it.

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