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Photography, Nudes, and the Internet

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Please do not mention this model’s name if you happen to recognize her … or ask who she is if you don’t. We would prefer not to have to lock this post but we would also prefer that this photo not be trivially Googled. Thank you.

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I haven’t worked with nudes lately, but I’ve been thinking it might be good and interesting and worthwhile to … hmmm … again dip my toe into that realm of photography. In the course of thinking about that, it occurred to me that although it may sometimes appear as if I’m perfectly content to take photos that I never get around to displaying, I actually do enjoy showing them off—showing them to my friends and acquaintances (and total strangers from out of the crowd). It has, in fact, been remarkably enjoyable to be able lately to post some of my photographs here on LiveJournal where you, my friends, may see them and even look at larger versions if you so choose. Moreover, it’s been most delightful and gratifying to be able to read your responses—your thoughts, your opinions, and even your “that’s nice”s.

However, it’s not like the olden days when I could rather casually ask people’s permission to include nude photos of them in the little sf convention programming item I'd be asked to do from time to time, which was at that time called “Da Fred Haskell Song and Slide Show.” Nope, it’s not at all like that these days—these days we’re living in a modern, global-village kind of electronically-interconnected world. Once something is posted on the interwebs its electrons just go zipping around and off to Ghu-knows-where and persist for—good golly—who knows how long.

Consequently, this leads to a number of interesting, complex, and interrelated questions for which I have somewhat less than glimmers of answers, so I am hoping that perhaps one or more of you have … answers … opinions … thoughts … insights … knowledge … ideas … recommendations … or, at very least, some notion of where and/or how I might be able to find out such stuff. It is with that hope that I offer the following random mix of statements and questions that floated to the surface of my wee little brain as I started to try to think about this …

• I do not want the photos to be inaccessible or hard to find or get to, but neither do I want to, you know, flaunt them. What might be the most satisfactory method of … hm … posting them—of getting them out there so people (including you-all) can see them?

• I do not mind some number of random strangers seeing the photos (that is, as long as the model doesn’t mind either), but I’d just as soon that, oh gosh you know, not every horny chap in the world would be flocking to look at them. Is this something I have to worry about? Is there a balance point? Etc.?

• I’m not looking to make money out of this, if that makes any difference. (Heh. If I were, I wouldn’t have the faintest idea how to go about it—figuring out how to make money with my various interests and endeavors has never been my strong suit—a head for business I do not have. I’ve often said that your common, every-day, run-of-the-mill, garden-variety tree stump has more business sense than I.)

• Where do I store them? That is, on what server, with what service, should/could they be stored/located? My ImageEvent account? Flickr? LiveJournal galleries? [I just discovered that LJ galleries (randomly?) resize uploaded photos, so that’s a non-starter.] Somewhere else? Suggestions?

• Will photos with nudity get too many hits per day or somesuch and thereby cause problems with whichever web-hosting service they’re living on? Or require additional service charges?

• If I post them on LJ, do I set the posts to “friends locked”? I’d really rather not do that. Or do I put them in a passworded ImageEvent album and announce on LJ that those interested can apply to me for the password? (Yuck!) Or is there a good option that’s escaping me at the moment?

• If I do link to them so as to show them in an LJ post, would that post itself get too much traffic? Or am I foolishly flattering myself about how wonderful and sight-worthy my photos will be?

• Obviously if they’re on LJ, I will do the “Adult Concepts” (or perhaps the “Explicit Adult Content”) flag thing. That’s a no-brainer.

• If I were to decide to hire a model or two, what would be a reasonable rate to pay them? [I.e., non-commercial but nevertheless posted on the internet where the photos will be accessible and seen by a number of people, many (most?) of them strangers.]

• Hm. Just in case I do manage to get all this sorted out satisfactorily, I suppose here & now might not be such a bad place & time to ask the obvious question: are you somebody (or do you know somebody) who’d be interested working as a nude model with me? (Heh. Even if I can’t get this all sorted out satisfactorily and we do the photos for viewing other than on the internet, are you somebody … etc.?) If you want to discuss the notion privately, you can reach me at fredcritter-at-livejournal-dot-com … that is, if you don’t have my normal eddress. Or even if you do. Or whatever.

• Do I just give up on this idea as being a can too full of worms?

• Finally, what important question(s) am I forgetting to ask?

Help? Help‽ Help! (When I was younger, so much younger than today …)

Ever so much thanks!

Your Most Humble & Obedient Servant,
Da Fredcritter

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