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In response to the millions of requests … er … thousands of requ— uh … hundreds (that’s it) hundreds of … okay, okay: four or five requests for more information I received after my last post about Gavi's letter and frog, I asked Gavi to write a paragraph I could post which would explain about The Frog for y’all. Here it is:

2008-03-05 Every year, our coaches give out “funny awards” to each of the fencers. They come up with something they’ve noticed about the fencers, and then find something at the dollar store to go with that observation (or sometimes vice versa). In my first year, I apologized for virtually everything that happened. Because of that, they gave me the “I’m Sorry” award, and a flower. This year, during States, I fenced this really super amazing fencer. In the first half (eight points), I kept it tied. At the half-way mark, Jenni came over to talk to me and I had this astonished expression. My eyes were, I’ve been told, simply huge. Thus, I got the “Best Expression During a Bout” award, and a small frog that, when squished, bulges in odd places.

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