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04 March 2008 @ 07:16 pm
I hope you're not getting tired of these . . .  

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I really didn't mean to lie in my previous post of a Sara photo. I really did think it would be a while before I posted another one. What can I say? This image came along and jumped up and down and purely insisted that it be posted with haste. What could I do?

We hope you like it.

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Fred A Levy Haskell: Fredcritter eyes onlyfredcritter on March 7th, 2008 01:33 am (UTC)


As far as doing markedly different things with photography … hmmm. It really doesn't feel that way. It feels like I'm the same old guy doing pretty much the same old thing. More or less, I mean. You know, I always expect there's some growth. Plus it's not as if the subjects don't have a considerable influence on what a photo is, what it becomes; especially when the subject is a person.

Well, wait, no, it does and it doesn't feel that way. I have had a few insights recently, such as my Kandinsky revelation (still have to finish writing that one up and get it posted) and my scale epiphany (I haven't even started writing on that one). The Q&D on them is I find Kandinsky's work fascinating and am trying to integrate what I most like about it into my photography—at least occasionally. Some things regarding impressionism and abstraction and freedom from focus. Something like that. As far as scale—I'll want to delve deeper into this one, but I realized recently that my mindset while taking color photos for the last mumble-mumble years has been that they were going to be slides that would be projected and therefore the images—what people would be seeing when I showed my work—would be really, really large. And—I'll admit it—I'm a good enough artist/photographer so that mindset very much affected my choice of subject and composition and detail and … oh, a myriad of things about how I was "seeing." But now, you know, my images are being seen on computer screens mostly. Or even on my iPod. Much smaller than a projected slide—even a slide projected in a living room rather than in a hall.

Okay, you win. It's different.