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Photo taken from Harriet Island

Harriet Island, Saint Paul, Minnesota at Night
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Harriet Island, Saint Paul, Minnesota at Night

Given my new resolve to experiment with out-of-focus and/or shaky images, I'm rather surprised at how much time I spent looking for things to rest or prop my camera upon to steady it. Ah well, some of the shots with movement are interesting, some without are too. I'll be posting more of them in the near future. Enjoy!

Note that the usual reminders apply:
1. If you click on the photo, you’ll be taken to a nice 800x540 version, with options to view a couple of other sizes.
2. The photo is copyright, but you may download and/or print for your personal, non-commercial use as long as you include the credit/copyright notice.

Tags: experimental series, harriet island, photo by da fredcritter, photothoughts
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