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Arrived in Chicago yesterday after a rather pleasant drive. Got out my camera this morning to start taking photos of my friend the_leewit and discovered that the back on my Nikon F100 (you know, the part that swings open to load and unload film) is apparently supposed to be held closed by a couple of small plastic extensions which engage with some corresponding bit on the camera body. That's my guess, anyway. Regardless of the exact details of the mechanism, the important fact here is that whatever it may be or have been, it's no longer working on my camera.

As friend skzbrust would no doubt say were he called in to do the color commentary on this ljcast, "You hate to see that at this level of play."

Me? Well, speaking of color, what I said when I made this discovery was even more colorful than that.

Since the F100 is designed so the back may be easily replaced with a "data back" (which can write date information on the film frame if desired), I thought that perhaps a fix could be easily enough effected at a local full-service camera store, which surely would have either a replacement or a data back in stock. Not so. In fact, having now poked around on line a bit, I've discovered that Nikon has discontinued the F100, along with the data back which would fit it. Fortunately B&H had a used one in stock, so it'll be arriving at home early next week, but that won't help me a lot either here in Chicago, where I was hoping to be able to create some images of near-legendary and prize-winning quality with the_leewit, or later this weekend at ConFusion, where I thought I might have the opportunity to snap another image or two of somebody or other, or perhaps something or other, during the course of the weekend.

Part of me is regarding this as a Bad Omen, and claims that I should simply turn around and drive home rather than continuing to ConFusion, where surely Things Could Only Get Worse. Another part of me does not believe in Omens and such. Time will tell which one wins this particular argument, although one suspects that the part that recommends continuing on to ConFusion will prevail.

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