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That’s right—you heard me right:


Now, at what somehow seems like the very last minute although it probably isn’t really, I’m making plans to drive to this year’s ConFusion. Through darkest Michigan… with guitar… and camera…

Yeah, it’s been a lousy couple of months are far as the old getting off my arse & doing something social thing goes (although I’ve luckily been able to at least make it out to work and back home again mostly), and I am planning to see my Meds Doc RSN to see if a different antidepressant might be in order, but I reckon if I whip up some sort of plans now I can maybe pry myself out of the door and down on the street all alone by, you know, later this month. Adding to the momentum is that my employer for reasons known only to G-d and the accountants are forcing us to bring our accumulated vacation time down to zero before the end of January and I’ve got some forty-odd hours to use up—if by the end of the month I found I’d spent all that time sitting on my thumbs at home just sleepin’ and eatin’ and readin’ I’d probably be even more depressed than ever.

So. There you have it. ConFusion. Gosh.

Anybody else hereabouts planning on a ConFusion January this year?

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