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Attended a lovely little party last night—got to see some friends I haven't seen literally in years (Michelle said it'd been 10 years, but I think even longer), and, of course, others who I've seen more recently. Was very nice. Made some music although as always happens to me in houses where cats also live my voice croaked out pretty quickly. *sigh* It really was all right, though, 'cause the music circle was the most wonderful in quite some time and it was most enjoyable listening to everyong else—there was an unusual and distinct lack of suckage in the circle, which made its slightly largish size quite bearable. Finestkind!

In retrospect, the most curious thing about thie evening/night at this party all full of fans and geeks and fangeeks and possibly even some, you know, normal folk, was that I didn't see a single iPhone.

Tags: friends, music, party

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