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You know my methods, Watson...

Since at least a few of you apparently found interesting my recent post in which I talked about how I go about doing photos (at least some of the time & when the subject is scenery or the like), I decided to post my whole “Stillwater” session in an ImageEvent album so you could see how that plays out in practice. If you’re interested.

As you look, please remember it is a complete set of raw images (not color-corrected, cropped, or otherwise brought up to presentation standards) in the order in which they were taken. I’m presenting them as an aid to our discussion—under normal circumstances I would not post or otherwise offer the majority of them for viewing, as there are only a handful I think are worthy of display.

If any of you who take a look have any thoughts or observations about any of it, I’d appreciate hearing them. Thanks!

Thumbs of the first four images:

Thumbnail 1 Thumbnail 2 Thumbnail 3 Thumbnail 4
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Update: At aet’s request, here’s a link to an annotated map with markers to show, as nearly as I can remember, where I was standing when I took each of the photos.

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