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Track Identification Challenge!

In his reply to my post of 24 May titled The Mighty Mississippi Desktop, which contained, as you may recall, a photo of said river in northern Minnesota formatted for use as a computer desktop, retooned asked: So are those *turtle* steps coming out of the Minn of the Mississippi on the lower right?

And you know? I couldn't say!

Now that the tracks have been pointed out to me, I do believe that I did, in fact, notice them at the time I took this (and other) picture(s), but I, Boy Naturalist that I am, neither pondered over-long nor deduced the nature of the critter what left them. So the best I can do is post a composite made up of the sections of the four photos I took that day which contain images of these tracks and let y'all inspect it and make a determination, if you can. As usual, to see them unreduced from the size ProX delivered them to me click on the "bigtoenail" below.

Turtle Tracks?

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