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We've finally been able to upgrade to a new (used) computer -- a blue&white Macintosh G3. Now we've got a computer which was brand new when we bought our old (used) computer (a 7100/80AV)! You wouldn't think an itty-bitty clock speed increase from 80 MHz to 350 MHz would make all that much difference, would you? But apparently it does -- this machine is noticeably faster than our old one. Maybe it's got a faster data bus or better architecture or something....

(We needed the newer machine because I wanted to brush up on my FrameMaker skills -- I was expert with v3, but it's up to v7 now, and v7 won't install on anything older than a G3.)

Anyway, I've been having ... um... hours o' fun ... re-installing all our applications onto this machine.

I'm thinking, perhaps, once I get some spare time, I might even install OS X and see how that goes, although I'm sure it'll run slooooooooooowly on this machine. At least I'll get a chance to get my feet wet with it before I have to take the Big Plunge whenever we get a current machine which won't boot in OS 9....


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