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I've always relied on the kindness of . . . friends.

Thank you, my friends, for all the hugs and kind words. Hugs good.

I'm feeling marginally better tonight. Thanks for asking.

While driving in to work tonight I noticed that it was probably a good thing that I didn't try to drive off the Lake Street/Marshall Avenue bridge into the Mighty Mississippi last night, since even with the little ramp effect added by the piled snow and ice at the edge of the roadway, the car probably would have been stopped, if not by the guardrail intended to prevent cars from casually smashing into pedestrians then by the high side railing intended to prevent pedestrians from casually falling off the edge of the bridge and into the river. Smashing up the car on the bridge just wouldn't be the same as causing the car to go sailing gracefully off the bridge and up into the air (in slo-mo, just like in those Action Movies) and then down into the water. Heck, with my luck I'd probably survive but my car would be all smashed up and then what would I do?

I suppose I could have parked the car halfway across the bridge, got out, and jumped, but that's not as glamorous; and the car would almost certainly get ticketed and towed. Bummer. Perhaps if I found just the right spot along the East or West River Road I could manage to zoom the car off and into the river, but I'd have to do a lot of exploring and research and stuff and it would loose all pretense of spontinaity.

So I'm still here. And you're still there. And Ford's still in his flivver and …

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