I'm starting to catch up with myself, so this may be the last RUNE upload for a while. But here it is—“naughty” Steve Stiles cover and all! (With thanks, as always, to Lynn Anderson for allowing me to scan his copies on their way to the Minn-Stf Archives.)


I also added a link to the current issue, Rune 87, which lives over on the Minn-Stf site.


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Okay, I got another couple more PDFs of past RUNEs up on my site: RUNE41 and Sci-Fi People Weekly, a thinly disguised issue of Rune, Vol. 10 No. 10 (apparently edited by John Bartelt, Garth Danielson, Karen Trego, David Stever, and Joe Wesson). I've also uploaded the pages of RUNE45 containing "Pros and Cons," Gordy Dickson's Fan(!) Guest of Honor speech from Minicon 10. Enjoy!


You'll find it all at

With thanks, as always, to Lynn Anderson for preserving these zines and allowing me to scan them.


First in a series of old RUNEs posted!

As I believe I mentioned before, Lynn Anderson was kind enough to allow me to scan his old copies of RUNE before passing them along to the Minn-Stf archives. I've completed the PDF of RUNE 40 (my second issue as editor) and have uploaded it to my web site. Helpful comments about the scans or the site are welcome. Thanks!



A Question for Web Geeks

I now have copies of a bunch of RUNEs—courtesy of Lynn Anderson—that I am carefully decollating and scanning to PDFs; once done, I’m planning to post/host them on my web page(s). What would be nice is if someone googlebingyahoo!s, say, “Don D’Ammassa”, they’ll find a reference to the PDF of RUNE 44 which contains his article, “The Magical Journeys of Robert M. Green, Jr.”

The Question: What do I do so the web spider crawler engines will notice and capture that information?

  • Is there sufficient space in PDF metadata to add full index text there?
  • Do I stuff a bunch of text into the html link tag for the PDF?
  • Or what?

Simply running the Acrobat OCR Text Recognition function and leaving the resulting text embedded in the PDF wouldn't work since there would be too many errors for it to even vaguely reflect the contents and/or be findable.



Changes, changes, changes

As a result of an unfortunate confluence of circumstances, Merrill Corporation and I parted company at the beginning of this month. The separation is, I believe, as amicable as such things can be; I am sad but I bear no grudges. I cannot fully express how very much I will miss my friends and coworkers; they are as smart, knowledgeable, talented, and hard-working a bunch of people as you will ever find. Working with them was at times humbling and always a pleasure (not to mention how sweet and forgiving they were those times I’d go into my “stubborn doodoo-head” mode). I wish them, and Merrill, every success in the coming years.

This too shall pass.

Wish List



Wish List

I wish…
I wish I was smarter
I wish I could read…
    …with more comprehension
    …with better retention
I wish I had a more direct and comprehensive user interface to my memory database
I wish the clear patches in the cloud of my ADD were…
    …more frequent
    …longer lasting
I wish I felt alert and awake…
    …more often
    …for longer periods of time
I wish I would get out of the house more often
I wish my meds did a better job of keeping the depression at bay
    …better still, I wish it would just go away
I wish I had the energy and time to more often…
    …listen to music
    …practice guitar
    …play guitar
    …take photographs
    …process/tweak/display photographs
    …learn stuff
    …hang with my friends…
        …making music
        …taking photgraphs
        …sharing photographs
I wish I could work by choice rather than by necessity
I wish…